Our Services

Our practice areas include citizenship, the green card, and visa issues. We handle mostly family-based, individual, and humanitarian relief, as well as removal / deportation defense. We offer a range of services, from full preparation of casework and representation at hearings (if any) to document review. We may help you through the entire process or bundle our services according to your needs.


We also assist clients and employers to understand their constitutional rights and obligations under the law, what to do in the event you encounter ICE officers, an immigration raid, or face detention issues. We help families plan and prepare for emergencies with Power of Attorney forms for childcare and finances. 


Immigration law is federal, which allows us to serve clients nationally and internationally – not only just here in Wisconsin. We use technology and online case portals to helps keep clients informed and active in their cases, regardless of location.




We take pride in providing a high level of client care and advocacy that goes beyond the traditional law firm model. We also do presentations on immigration topics to community groups, law firms, businesses, churches, and schools. We may alter the presentation length and content depending on your organization's needs.

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